Punta Cana 2007

To start off, choose the group of pictures you would like to see. As always, click on a picture to get a larger version - click on the larger version of the picture to move to the next picture. You will also see a link at the bottom of each picture for the RAW, untouched picture.

The Pictures (organized by camera):
Kevin Costain (3 pictures, 1 Video)
Ray W (40 Pictures)

Angie W (159 Pictures)
Greg & Glenda J (144 Pictures)
Mike K (148 Pictures, 3 Videos)
Cheryl B (7 Pictures)
Jim S (142 Pictures)
Al M (212 Pictures)
Maria (46 Pictures)
Chris R (322 Pictures)
Kimmie P (394 Pictures)
Kimmie P (9 Videos)

This is another disclaimer - but it won't be like any of the others. These pictures are sure to make you smile, laugh, hurl, dodi, scream, hyper ventilate, pant, perspire, maybe even cry... one thing is for sure though, as Derek used to say, there was "Never a dull day in paradise!". I still won't accept responsibility for the things you see in these pictures - sheesh, I might even be in the picture too.. its still not my fault if your pet turtle "Tootie" is shocked by what she sees. Enjoy!