2007 Group Attendees

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#2: How many FITS group trips you have attended
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Name(s)/Ages - Click link for biography (& pictures where noted)
Hometown Email Address

Trip #

Derek(30), Cindy(32) Y Oshawa , ON derek{a}wilfordtravel.com 20
Kevin(33) Y Oshawa , ON kevin.costain{a}gmail.com 4
Angie (38) Y Oshawa , ON countrygirlaw{a}yahoo.ca 2
Courtney(29) Y Chicago, IL Clyn1117{a}aol.com 3
Jimmy (43) Y Oshawa , ON jimyzca{a}yahoo.ca 4
Marc(38) Kori(35) Y Timmins , ON jetset{a}nt.net 1
Liz (44) Dean(41) Y Kanata , ON funtobehad1{a}hotmail.com 2
Kimmie (?) Y Toronto , ON kimmxena{a}hotmail.com 2
Rachel (26) & Natasha (24) Y Oshawa , ON rachelh641{a}hotmail.com 2
Al(43) Y Oshawa , ON alan{a}ajscustomsound.com 3
Maria(42) Y Oshawa , ON n/a 1
Tim,(?), Christine(?) Y Bowmanville , ON n/a 3?